The Christian Bible Baptist Academy (CBBA) was established in June 1988, a time when Philippine Education system is in the threshold of social turmoil. The growing number of juvenile delinquents and incompetent graduates has been widely reported. Drop-outs were alarmingly high. Rehabilitation centers were increasing in number, which only showed the escalating rate of delinquent acts.

A. Goal

The Academy, therefore, is CBBC-LB’s response to the clamour of genuine Christian Education particularly the training of future Christian Leaders. With this note, the Academy hopes to see her graduates truly surrendered to and equipped in the service of God, in whatever vocation God has called them to perform.

B. Philosophy

CBBA is an expanded “Daily in the Temple” (Acts 5:42) ministry of CBBC-LB. It is an integral, inseparable part of the Church’s ministry. There is no vacation.

It employs individualized learning. Learning materials are self-instructional and are prescribed individually particularly in the core courses such as English, Filipino, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Word Building. Thus, an individual can move ahead faster or go slower if that is the best rate for him.

Classroom and cooperative learning are offered particularly courses such as Christian values, homeroom, and Makabayan with emphasis on Christian perspectives.

All  materials and textbooks are Bible-oriented based upon Scriptural principles. Christian concepts are built into the curriculum, and are not tackled as a separate subject.

C. Statement of Faith

The church-school embraces all teachings of CBBC-LB. Specifically, the church-school believes in:

· The inspiration of the Bible, (KJ Bible 1611) equally in all parts and without error in its origin;

· The Triune God (eternally existent Father, Son and Holy Spirit) who created man by a direct immediate act;

· The pre-existence, incarnation, virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, substitutionary death, and the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ;

· The fall of man, the need of regeneration by the operation of the Holy Spirit on the basis of grace alone, and resurrection of all to life or damnation;

· The spiritual relationship of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ living a life of righteous works separated from the world, witnessing of His saving grace through the ministry of the Holy Spirit; and,

· The Baptist Church as the church that Jesus built and established. The Church being local, autonomous, self-propagating and self-governing.

D. Learning System Program

The Academy believes that learning is concentrated on three environments. These are the home, the church, and the school. This is referred to as the triumvirate of learning. This means that the three major environments must agree so that the learning of the students is not perverted. These must be one in standard, belief, and practice. If it is not right based on God’s Word, then it is not also right in the church and in the home. This principle helps the student to have a stronger stand on a matter. This also helps eliminate double standards, which usually lead to double-faced individuals.

Of the three environments, the Church sets the standards and rules. The home  and the school should follow.

E. Curriculum

The Christian Bible Baptist Academy-Los Baños (CBBA-LB) follows the K-12 Curriculum.